Week Beginning 

Monday 8th June


Literacy Activities: Apostrophes in Contractions


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Literacy: Letter to an Imaginary

Pen Pal


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Power Point: Types of Sentences

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Week Beginning

Monday 1st June





Literacy Activities: Compound Words

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Literacy: Non-Chronological Reports


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Power Point: Non-Chronological Report about Guinea Pigs

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Parents/Carers: as you will know, this year is very important for our children in Year 2, as they will be taking their SATs. The best way to prepare your children is primarily to ensure they have an excellent attendance. In addition, working through the homework and reading books that are sent home will boost their confidence in core areas.

Below are some links to websites you and your child might enjoy exploring together. Please remember when using the internet with your child, to always remind them of e-safety and safe browsing behaviours. 

bbclearningzone           cbeebies           cbbc              bitesize




crick web

discover primary science and maths


childseyeoxfordowl   horrible histories           mathszone


Year 2 Common Exception Words

Please see below a list of the Year 2 Common Exception Words. Please practise these words with your children by choosing a few at a time. Working on these words will greatly improve their reading and spelling in Year 2.


Well done to our Year 1 children! The performance of ‘The Naming Ceremony’ was truly incredible!
A huge thank you to the Osun Arts Foundation – Our children have done so much; making masks, tie-dying t-shirts and painting. They have learnt so much about African art, dance, language and culture!
Today our Year 2 children had a fantastic time visiting Liverpool landmarks in the city centre.
We visited the museum, Central library and St. George’s Hall.
They looked closely at the buildings and landscape, and identified features that were interesting to them.


Shabbat Shalom!


This week our Year 2 children have been learning all about Judaism; in particular about how the Sabbath is respected and celebrated.

They explored artifacts such as the prayer shawl and the candles; the challah bread and the candle sticks.

pig  recycle

Year 2 are very excited to be involved in an Enterprise Project this half-term. We have decided to link this to our current Science topic-Uses of Everyday Materials. In this topic, we are learning about the importance of recycling and thought that unwanted books from home would be great to start with! We are asking children to bring in good quality, unwanted books that we can sell. Children will then be invited to purchase books for just 50p each. This is a great opportunity to have a clear out and restock your bookshelves for the cost of a packet of crisps!.

Through this event, we will be raising awareness of environmental issues, as well as raising funds for our school. School Council will then decide what to spend the money on, after consultation with each year group.

Thank you in anticipation of your support with this project.



We are very excited to be cooking again in Y2! We have been working hard to develop the skills we acquired in Y1 to help us chop, mix and stir ingredients. We have already enjoyed cooking turkey burgers, flapjacks, fruit crumble, spring rolls and chicken fried rice!




Autumn Term

Welcome back to a new academic year in Year 2, we have been very buy the past few weeks setting into our new classes and learning all of our new routines. The children have been working hard and have settled in very well.



Zoolab visited our school on 14th September! We learned about a variety of animals and even had the chance to touch them! The visit has helped us with our science topic “Animals including Humans”. When we got back to our class we wrote about what we had seen. We tried to use time words and joining words in our writing. In our maths lesson we used the greater than and less than sign to show the biggest number of bugs!



Class 1 have been enjoying “Multiskills” club with John Poland. They have participated in a variety of activities and games to improve their co-ordination and ball skills. The children are also learning about team spirit and co-operation. Class 2 will be having “Multi-skills after half term.

Topic Webs


Parental Involvement

We believe that parents and/or carers play a vital role in their child’s education.  We hope to work in partnership with you – we will support your efforts at home and provide opportunities for you to engage in your children’s education in school.

Click on the link below to see the various ways we do this.

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Working scientifically

Year 2 have participated in a variety of investigations this half term. We have investigated if children get faster as they grow older and played a mystery box game!

DSC00046   DSC00051