Attendance and Punctuality

School Council know how important it is to come to school every day and on time. Can you answer the following questions?

Do you know what your attendance is? 

Do you come to school every day and on time?

How do you feel when your friend is off?

Do you try to come to school even if you aren’t feeling your very best?



New School Council 2022-23

We are delighted to announce that our new School Council have been elected!

Children in Year 2 had a secret vote. At the end, the children with the most votes from each class were elected.

Oliver Poppy Gerard Betty


Joseph Harlow Carter Marina


This is a great responsibility and the children were delighted to have been chosen. The School Council is held in high esteem throughout the school and the following year will be very busy!

Some of their roles and responsibilities will include:

  • Setting a great example to all the other children.
  • Being helpful in class and on the yard.
  • Welcoming important visitors and telling them all about our school.
  • Gathering the children’s opinions about different things like themed dinners and changes to the environment.
  • Selling poppies and telling each class why they are being sold.
  • Helping to prepare the children for World Book Day.
  • Helping the children to get ready for our annual Book Fair.
  • Feeding back to our school governors.