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Liverpool Children’s Festival of Reading: Online Events

From Monday 25th January until Tuesday 9th February, Liverpool Learning Partnership will be hosting a range of FREE online author sessions. 


Accessing sessions 

Each session will be streamed through the following locations at the stated times: 

LLP YouTube Channel: 

LLP Twitter Account (via Periscope): 

LLP Facebook Page: 

Each session will be hosted by a member of Liverpool Learning Partnership staff and comments will be monitored and moderated. Session lengths are approximate. 


These sessions will be accompanied by a range of support resources for schools and parents/carers to access. Here’s the link to the resources: 


Originally, we had booked Smriti Halls for Nursery and Reception, and Susannah Lloyd for Years 1 and 2. You are invited to access any of these events using the above formats. It would be nice for older children to get involved too; there’s something for everyone!

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