Omicron Variant

Parents/Carers,   Please click here for the latest guidance and update from the Local Authority, with regards to the Omicron variant. 

Household Positive Case

            Parents/Carers,    Please Household Positive Letter to read the latest guidance around what to do if someone in your household tests positive with Covid-19. 

St. Cecilia’s Day

  The 22nd of November is St. Cecilia’s Day! Be sure to celebrate and remember our school’s saint, who is also the patron saint of music!

Green Challenge

  Parents/Carers,   Please click here  for more information regarding the Go Green challenge! 

International Men’s Day

      Parents/Carers,   Please click here for more information regarding International Men’s Day.  

Remembrance Day

  Parents/Carers,   Please click here to read a beautiful reflection from the Archdiocese of Liverpool, to help us focus our thoughts and prayers on Remembrance Day. 

Update From Liverpool City Council

  Parents/Carers, Please click here to read the most recent letter from Steve Reddy and Matt Ashton, explaining Liverpool City Council’s latest advice and guidance regarding the pandemic.