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Fun facts about the Giants

A little bit of news about our very big visitors:

Little Boy Giant

This is the first time Liverpool, and indeed the UK, has met the boy giant, who was inspired by Royal De Luxe workshops in African villages and is actually 21 years old. He was created in 1997 and premiered in Cameroon. He is 20 feet tall, weighs 600 kg and needs 27 people to keep him moving.






Pronounced ‘cho-low’, the cheeky canine is making his third visit to the city and is set to enjoy visiting important city landmarks. The perky pup is 9 feet tall and weighs 200 kg. The fastest of all the giants, he can travel at 4km an hour and needs 23 people to operate him. He is made of steel and papier-mâché.





The Diver

The biggest giant of them all is coming back to Liverpool! A huge 33 feet tall and 2.5 tonnes, he moves at 2 km an hour and needs 44 people to operate him. His body is made of steel, lime and poplar, his hair is horsehair and his eyes are motorised streetlamps.




Questions for little people, about the big giants:

     1. Who is the tallest giant?

      2. Who is the heaviest giant?

      3. Who is the fastest giant?

     4. Which giant needs the smallest number of people to help him move?

     5. What country does the Little Boy giant come from?

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